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About Us

Foot Relax to help reduce the build up of stress, achieve balance, help disease prevention, and promote wellness of being. There are more foot reflexology shops in Shanghai than there are Starbucks in Seattle, and this ancient practice is now available in your own back yard.

Reflexology is a combination of ancient practice and modern alternative methods and we are committed to bringing this source of relaxation to you.
For more information on some of our tools and practices, read below!

Herbal Soak

We use a high quality herbal blend, uniquely created by a local herbalist. Herbal soak and bath is one of the major treatment methods of traditional eastern medicine. The medicinal aspects of the natural herbs are absorbed into the body and transported by meridians to different organ systems. Half of the body’s major meridians originate from the feet, and herbal soak for the feet can help with disease prevention and promote better circulation for these important meridians.

The Herbal formula we use contains over 20 different ingredients. Included Tian Qi and Ci Wu Jia, popular herbs in traditional Chinese medicine for strengthening tendons and bones. Qing Feng Teng and Hai Feng Teng were commonly used to unclog meridians and dispel dampness. These were traditionally used to help arthritis, swelling, and common injuries. Ku Shen and She Chuang Zi were used to help control fungal infections on the feet and in the nail bed. These are just a few of the herbs we include to help relax and fortify the meridians.


Acupressure is based on a system of energetic pathways running through our bodies like super highways. On these highways tare towns and cities, or points of activity, which are called acu-points. Stimulation of these points can affect entire areas and help restore balance to organ systems.

Popular systems include the feet, hands, back, scalp, ear, chest, etc. Both traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern reflexology use similar (but different) points and regions of the body to help balance and stimulate different systems. This is what we try to bring to you at Foot Relax.
Special Offers
The Foot Relax - $35.00
1 hour body massage

The 'Foot Relax' is our classic acupressure massage focused on the feet, legs, arms, scalp, neck, and back.

DAILY DEAL - $28.00
Early Happy Hour Special

The classic 'Foot Relax' massage is only $28 when you make your appointment for 10:00am.

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